Are you interested in developing an application for your company? The first question you’ll face is how to hire an app developer? This is the age of smartphones. Mobile apps have become an integral part of almost every industry.

To achieve your apprequirements, you will require the services of an app developer. You can create your app if you are a technical firm. However, if you aren’t, it’s generally best to leave it to professional app developers.In India, the demand for online and mobile app development businesses is continuously rising.

Application development in India is considered to be inexpensive. It…

Why Scalable serverless is best suitable for Startups?
Scalable Serverless Technology

As entrepreneurs, launching your startup feels unrealistically amazing. You have everything down to the paper; you have planned for most of your business requirements and how you will approach different problems. You have a plan. You start your business and understand the curveballs reality throws at you that you couldn’t have ever prepared for. But that’s the challenge and fun of startups. Figuring out a way to survive and then think of scaling up and earning better profits.

One of the biggest challenges as a startup is setting up your server infrastructure. If you opt for physical server architecture, it…

We all are familiar with chatbots by now. A chatbot is a software application whose primary purpose is to conduct an online conversation via text or text-to-speech as an alternative to providing direct contact with a live human agent. A chatbot can automate conversations and interact with users through various platforms.

Different kind of chatbots

There are various kind of chatbots that we use in our daily lives today. Here are the broad three categories and types of chatbots you should know about:

1. Simple Chatbots

Simple chatbots have limited capabilities. They are rule-based and task-specific. The best way to understand simple chatbots is by comparing them…

Top AI/ML libraries for JavaScript in 2021

How convenient is it to find relevant titles on Netflix after finishing a beloved series to keep you entertained? Or when you are buying a smartphone on Amazon and see product pages for phone cover right below it or at times even in custom-made packages to get some sweet discounts!? The magic behind this everyday convenience that we, at times, take for granted, comes from the concept of Machine Learning. Machine Learning is a broader concept than picking your next binge-worthy series; it is a vast field of opportunities and future-ready solutions. …

How Health Sector Leverage IOT to improve Medical Services?

For decades and centuries, we have been leveraging IOT to aid our everyday lives by automating important processes, improving service delivery, reducing wastage, manufacturing, and delivering costs while providing better transparency in customer transactions. Similarly, the health sector also leverages IOT to enhance medical services. There are many benefits of using IOT in the health sector, such as improved patient experience, providing more and more services in a timely manner, and freeing medical staff’s time from administrative tasks.

The need for IOT in Health Sector

The health sector worldwide was doing just fine with its limited technological advancements in treating its patients and running its operations. However…

Top Node js frameworks to use in 2021
Top Node.js Frameworks

Node.js is one of the fastest server-side web application platforms as it provides app development companies the ease of building scalable single program language web applications. It is one of the top trending JavaScript runtime frameworks that is open-sourced and has cross platform properties for creating codes outside the browser.

What makes Node.js special?

  1. It has a clean and concise codebase.
  2. It works best for agile development and prototyping.
  3. It has a vast ecosystem that provides open-source libraries.
  4. It can be used for developing enterprise-scalable applications faster.
  5. It is based on the most used programming language — JavaScript.

What is the market reaction to Node.js?

2020 has been one notable year. Due to the spread of this pandemic, businesses worldwide are unstable and various start-ups have collapsed. Established big firms are facing a financial crisis and people all around the world are losing jobs.

According to research by the world bank, there can be a 5.2% decrease in the world’s GDP.

This can be considered the deepest global recession in decades. This is exceptionally hard for the economies. …

Ever imagined that booking a Cab would be as simple as pressing a tab on the mobile device. Never? But it happened when Uber entered the taxi industry and turned the taxi industry upside down. The impact of Uber was such that the taxi industry failed to compete against it, and soon many cabbies who had been driving Taxi on the streets for a span of time felt the heat by the entry of Uber as their business slowed down.






5)Easy Taxi




9)Le Cab


Before the launch of Uber a decade…

Benefits of taxi booking app

Taxi booking app development is one such area of specialization that involves drivers and passengers, engaging on the interactive platform of taxi app for their needs.

Passengers requests the ride and drivers accept the ride.

But there is more to using this taxi app than just said in text. It involves complex procedures and various other features that go a long way with the interface.

A comprehensive study to understand the functioning of taxi booking app can give a lot more clarity to the entire taxi app development.

Looking for services to build taxi booking apps on demand in India…

In this on-demand delivery era, the customer does not prefer to go to the pharmacy store and buy medicines. The customer wants to receive their medicines at their home.

Challenges and Opportunities of Online Pharmacy Delivery App Business

According to the COFC report, there are 61% of peoples preferred to buying their pharmacy product online. Home delivery of pharmacy product is much better for patients.

If you are in medicine or pharmacy products business, you are well aware of dealing with the customers. But in this competitive world, there is so much that you can’t handle yourself.

You need expert advice, or you need technical pharmacy delivery app development

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