Features & Benefits of Taxi-Booking App

Ronak Patel
5 min readMar 13, 2019

In today’s emerging tech world human life is getting multiple services at doorstep right from online food delivery to taxi booking through mobile applications. People prefer services that have the less interaction & everything on their smart device.

Taxi app development is one such service which saves your time & cost by providing you user-friendly apps in your mobile phones. Taxi apps cover two major interfaces such as Passengers & but visible Taxi drivers by making it easy to communicate with both on the same phase.

Some of the key features that a taxi app development is as follows:

GPS tracking, Maps, & Route :

As we all feel connected with the service of real-time tracking, so it is like a boon for can booking apps.

It is beneficial for both the passenger & driver in such a way that passenger will get proper time through live tracking that exactly how many minutes cab is going to arrive and driver will also get the exact pick-up location of the passenger.

GPS & route map will help to track the location and with the traffic condition as well.

Application for Passengers:

If you will go through a basic Taxi App, you will get the three important features for passengers such as Payment methods, Order cab, offers & gift vouchers as well to make it attractive & engaging for them.

Apart from the above three feature Taxi app also include ETA, real-time status, booking for someone else, fare calculator, present location and so on.


It is one of the significant factors of downloading taxi apps which will help you with the SMS in apps through all the exclusive features.

Application for Drivers:

Whereas driver apps have features such as trip request, accept a ride, cancel ride, Alerts, Notifications, fuel station finding, route selection and the reason for cancellation etc.

There are some hidden features also such as in-app analytics and conversation metrics.

Cost of Custom Taxi Mobile App:

The cost of your Taxi App is decided on the base of features implemented, the time duration of development, API integration and so on.

If you want an Android Taxi Apps then it will cost you much more compare an iOS Taxi Apps the reason is quite simple, there are many Android devices is available & Android App requires testing to ensure a seamless performance across all the devices.

Hiring & Matching System:

For developing a taxi app, it’s required to register the app so that it can be used effectively. The registration process includes screening & supply copies of the documents.

Let us now take a look at the benefits of Taxi Booking Application for your business.

Real-time location track:

This is considered a major benefit because it is easy to track the route of drivers all the time with the help of location tracking feature.

A passenger can track the location of the taxi even across the city & state. A driver knows the proper location of passenger & passenger can track the driver’s location as well.

Ease of Booking:

In today’s busy world people ignore things which are complicated and time-consuming. A quick, easy, & comfortable application will result much better.

Higher visibility:

You can easily enhance your taxi business with the help of a mobile-friendly application. Because people find it easy & interesting to book a taxi through a mobile app.

With the help of taxi mobile app, you can stay connected with the passengers as long as your app stays in their devices.

While updating the application on a daily routine, the number of loyal customers can have an excellent chance to increase.

Tourist travel to various places depends more on the cab booking applications as compare to local taxi’s which makes higher visibility possible for your taxi app by connecting to more users as well.

24/7 Service:

This can be helpful at times while you are traveling odd times of day and night such as 2 am flight will complex your task of finding a taxi nearby.

Because of taxi mobile application booking, it will be easy to book cab even at odd timings.

Customer Service:

It is one of a prime factor to take into consideration while making a taxi app so that customer should be able to take help easily over their respective devices.

Data Collection:

Taxi App users have to register themselves through email and mobile numbers which converts into a valuable data for you and by saving their saved destination, trip frequency, you can send personal notification on the base of this data.

By storing these data on their next ride Apps can notify them with attractive offers such as coupons, discounts etc.

GPS System:

It is an important factor as per security concern. A GPS is regularly monitored at the main office which keeps track of taxi’s fixed route to a location making it much secure.

Brand building:

Today, In Taxi App Business there are two strong big firms have a reputed brand name in the market as anyone can guess! Yes! That’s “Uber” & “Ola.”

Everyone wants to reach that place by following their footprints with high credibility, better customer services, user-friendly taxi apps, & attractive UI.

Cost Effective Pricing:

Because of mobile booking, there will be no unwanted negotiation regarding price between passenger & driver.

Mobile taxi booking is a game changer & surpasses local taxi service in terms of money as per rates are low like 6–7 rupees per km.


It’s evident that the brand identity of your business largely depends on the feedback as a response by the customer. Customers rating & reviews can help you improve your service further.

So take it very seriously because these days, people prefer the services that seek feedback from customers.

Multiple Payment options:

This payment option makes the app more interesting and solves the issue of cash payment because if the passenger doesn’t have on hand cash, then they can simply pay through credit card or e-wallet by doing online payment.

Free Mobile Booking Apps:

Yes! You can download it at free of charge from App store in your smart device without any much hassle.


While booking a taxi, trustworthiness is a great factor every person take in consideration. Taxi booking app providing you the details of the driver’s name, contact number, taxi number etc so that while cab will arrive, you know he’s the one.

Because of the above security services, you will be secure from other threats while traveling with a stranger.

Enhanced productivity:

While monitoring performance on a daily base, drivers will feel motivated towards work with more efficiency & resolve the coming issues as quickly as possible. As a result taxi app business get a boost with enhanced productivity.

I hope above Article will Acknowledge you in a better way about Taxi App Development & solutions.



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