How Much Does It Cost To Develop Real Estate App?

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A Real Estate App will be provided to you as a service on an online marketing platform so that one can get all information easily as per their requirement. Real Estate Brokers or agents make their websites to expand their business.

Its cost depends on the requirement of your projects. One can estimate the proper cost of their project by comparing different companies. Even comparison can be done between countries too. It shows a huge difference in the cost as well as the quality of work and services provided by two different companies in different locations.

Real Estate App Cost

It might be possible that the cost of the Real Estate Mobile App will be low, and Cheap in India compare to European countries. So it’s always good to do a comparison between different companies so that one can get good service in the Lowest Price possible.

It is one such industry which is growing faster worldwide, because of its online marketing services one can easily review their client as well as custom work satisfaction, so that it will be easy to decide in terms of cost as well as quality services, which firm can provide best services regarding their Projects.

Real Estate Mobile App development cost is important to every business out there, be it start-ups, a mid-level industry, or an innovative brand.

Here’re several aspects on which the cost of development depends:

1. Basic App-Startups will cost you $5,000-$10,000

2. Mid-Business Custom App will cost you $11,000-$18,000

3. Large Business App will cost you $19,000-$25,000

· Type of Applications such as Social media, transport, on-demand, business, lifestyle, game, enterprise, or more, including Mobile Platforms like iOS, Android, and Hybrid.

· Hardware cost including Light, AR equipment, VR headset

· Number of pages or total number of screens

· Access to device features- camera, voice, and media

· Wire-frame or design of Application

· Features & API integrations

· The target audience

· Level of customization

Major Benefits of Real Estate Mobile Apps that make things easy for Buyers and Sellers

Rapid Search For Property

You can add speed and convenience for your property as per the filters like price, location, area, and city.

The mobile app will provide quick related searches that will boost your user experience and will attract more and new potential customers.

Improve Customer Support

Real estate needs interaction at every point and is a much-elaborated business. Active communication in real estate helps you to build up a healthy relationship with your clients.

Its feature helps you get in direct contact with your clients, owners, builders, and keeps you updated with the required information related to a property.

Speed Up Sales Process

A mobile app can stimulate the process of users as per their requirements, with photos, videos, interactive maps, you can get a clear picture of what you are looking for.

Creates Brand Identity

Every real estate businesses have their own unique identity & a mobile app is the best stage to create it for your business by targeting the potential and right customers.

Generally, more customers get attracted to strong brand identity, and that’s where real estate mobile app stands out for creative brand identity.

Features That Must Be Include in Your Real Estate App

The real estate mobile app has become popular because of its functionalities and features are as follows:

User/Broker Panel Features

Register and Login:

After installing the app, the user must register to the app using email id or by social media credentials.

User Profile Verification:

Once you have registered in the app, your profile will be validated by admin and using a security code. You can add your further related details, such as name, address, etc. Then the app may ask whether you are registering as a seller/buyer.

Find Property:

After the profile gets, verified users can start to search for the desired property.

Filter and Sort Property:

Users can search the property using a filter option as well as sort their search options as per their requirements.

List View and Map View as Options:

As per the user comfort, they can choose between List View and Map View.

Get Details about Selected Property:

If the user comes across the relevant property that matches their interest, then they can seek the details by directly contacting the agent.

Add Your Property For Selling or Rent:

Users can add the property that they are interested in selling or putting on rent.

Subscribe for Listing Properties:

Subscribe for your property using app payment modes.

Admin Panel Features

Manage the Users:

This feature allows the admin of the app to manage the users that include sellers, buyers, and brokers.

Property Management:

Property listing can be updated and managed from here by the Admin, who is liable for the addition and removal of property.

Managing the Revenue:

In this feature, admin is responsible for maintaining the revenue earned by selling the property, deals, subscriptions, and commissions.

Addition of Offers and Discount:

The admin is responsible for when to provide discounts, rewards, and loyalty coupons.

Currency Converter:

This feature allows the customers to see the property price as per their country’s currency.

Add / Edit / Removal of Subscription:

The admin has the authority to add, removing, and editing the subscription package.

Wrapping Up

Its overall cost also depends on the features of your application, no doubt that the basic features will be common in all Real Estate App but the additional features in your application will decide the actual cost of your app.

Because you may want your app to be different from another which are available in the market, the more attractive and user-friendly your app will be the more people will likely to use it.



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