How On-Demand apps help your business in a Pandemic situation?

The outbreak of the novel pandemic Corona virus has unfolded panic among the folks worldwide. The number of positive cases of COVID-19 is increasing on the far side imagination every day. This has compelled them to confine themselves to four walls.

During such a situation, each one is trying to find an alternative to run their business and day to day operations while not being affected. With the announcement of social distancing by health regulators, it has become critical for small start-ups and entrepreneurs to run their business within confined space. In contrast, it is an excellent opportunity for enterprises and investors to start investing in on-demand apps during such a critical time. It is time to take the offline business online through on-demand apps.

How does the on-demand industry work during a pandemic?

The on-demand industry has three essential components — namely supplier, technology or companies, and consumers. On-demand apps help to connect consumers and suppliers of goods and services via technology. The mode of payment is via online transactions. To avoid social gathering, the on-demand app option helps in making an appropriate decision while buying or using any product or services.

Going out at a crowded place like Food-mart or shops can be risky. This can increase the probability of getting in contact with the COVID affected person. Due to this situation, there is a constant fear among people to go to grocery shops, medical shops, gyms, and other public places. Stores and warehouses are closed post lock down. This has affected various small businesses and entrepreneurs.

People adopt numerous measures like contactless delivery options. The use of on-demand apps is one of the solutions for start-ups and businesses to continue without getting affected. It is easier to open an app, select the product which you want to buy, order it, and pay the money online. On-demand apps avoid the usage of physical contact, thus making life simpler.

The on-demand app has attracted more customers during this pandemic. It provides convenience and ensures safety in many ways. It helps in minimizing the social interaction. The impact of the epidemic has been worse for offline businesses and ventures.

Why is online-app development the right solution for businesses?

Online business has the potential to survive during this pandemic. It is the right time for the start-ups and industry which were running offline to adapt to the new venture for a promising growth. COVID-19 has pushed many offline start-ups and businesses to adopt digital technologies.

Some of the reasons why online-app development is the right solution are -

  • The decrease in human contact will help to empower with contactless deliveries.
  • It reduces meetings and travel, ensuring safety for the workers and employees.
  • It Offers transparency in communication with your customers.

Some of the trending On-demand apps include –

  • With timely delivery of groceries at the customer’s doorstep. There has been an increase of 160% in Walmart’s grocery app. Offline grocery stores can start with on-demand apps to increase the sale in the product.
Source : Dribbble

With the widespread Covid Situation across the world, lots of people are getting self-quarantine or being asked to work from home. Due to this situation there has been increase in demand of online food delivery services. So if you have a restaurant and a food place, it’s time to lift your business through food delivery apps.

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  • It is difficult to reach out to medical stores for those who are dealing with other minor health issues. With the help of the right tech partner, pharmacy businesses can switch to online medicine delivery store.
Source : Dribbble
  • is essential to build a trusted platform for learning since educational institutions worldwide have been shut down due to pandemic. To prepare the world for the next future, educational institutions are conducting online classes and tutorials through various online apps.
  • consumption has increased due to lockdown and self-isolation. There is a high demand for the streaming services of HBO and other channels. Many paid subscribers are expected for gaming sites YouTube gaming.
Source: Behance
  • of fitness and wellness centers have impacted the businesses. Although to maintain exercise routines from home, people are increasingly turning towards online training apps. Yoga and workout apps to meditation apps have shown tremendous growth in the fitness sector.
Source : Uplabs
  • scale e-commerce businesses can maintain their sustainability in the market through the on-demand app. Many contactless deliveries can be possible, thus boosting the sales of the company.
Source: Dribbble
  • need to step outside; healthcare professionals can provide the best possible health solutions through online healthcare apps.
Source: Behance

On-demand app development features

The on-demand apps must contain various essential functions. It should help to determine the app’s performance in the market. Highlights of the on-demand app can include –

  • Scheduled bookings
  • Search filters
  • Online payment options
  • Record the bookings online
  • Real-time tracking system
  • Review and rating option

Advantages of on-demand apps

On-demand app development for the small start-ups and businesses have proven to be highly advantageous. It includes benefits such as –

  • Increase in Revenue of business
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Customer safety assurance
  • Contactless delivery with ease
  • Time-saving and user-friendly

The on-demand app development also offers advanced features such as lost item management, saved address, invite and earn feature, and many more.

Strategies to be followed by on-demand apps

If you are planning to enter into the on-demand business venture during this pandemic, here are some basic strategies for efficient functioning –

  • Hire professional workers for delivery
  • Adopt a contactless delivery option
  • Join/Merge with local business


It is always said that ‘Plan for today, prepare for tomorrow.’ It is essential to understand the concept of an online marketplace. At this time, it is the necessity of the hour to adapt to the situation for every start-up and offline businesses. Investors and companies can invest wisely by looking at the scope of the business venture. On-demand app development is the one-stop solution for fulfilling the needs of the consumers. With the help of the best technical team, small businesses and enterprises can get started with the best on-demand apps during this crucial time of lockdown, and so after.

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