Discussing Logistics App Development Features and Cost

The logistics industry is witnessing a radical change, and it is growing beyond the workforce to manage the vast and complex supply chain, transportation and other demands of the industry. Having a significant contribution to the GDP of every country, the logistics sector is thriving and expanding its footprints across geographies. In such circumstances, a properly logistics management system has to be in place to keep track of everything 24/7. Logistics and Transportation apps can make tasks smooth and flawless.

Some Vital Facts about Logistics App

Logistics apps are a great help to retail industries as they can manage their everyday businesses. According survey conducted private survey website finds that more than 57% of total respondents say that they use a mobile device for daily business operations. They use the devices -in fact, the instruments with logistics applications for many purposes.

Logistics apps can manage plenty of things including transportation, fleet tracking, driver activities tracking, manage shipment, real-time monitoring and analysis and much more. Check out the types of Logistics applications helping industries carry out the business operation.

Fleet Management Applications

Applications for fleet management help businesses record real-time fleet data with end-to-end management. Just assign the app the drivers of the vehicles and manage everything, sitting right from your office. The easy fleet management features which can make operation absolutely smooth.

On-Demand Applications

On-Demand applications are the on-going trend, and you can make huge benefits using the apps for your day-to-day business operation. Logistics on-demand applications help you manage the shipment and provide goods to users as demanded. More than that, you can also contact your clients using the app for instant inquiries.

Warehouse Management Applications

Managing warehouse without proper tool and app in place is a challenge while warehouse management applications help manage to store and accessing warehouse data without inspecting the warehouse physically. With warehouse app, you have a perfect supervisor at hand.

Tracking Management Applications

You would want to know exactly where your vehicles with goods are approaching, wouldn’t you? Logistics tracking applications lets track whereabouts whether it drivers, delivery boys and shipment status. You can manage these all things from your office or home -just a Smartphone with a tracking application can help you do it.

The Top Features Your Logistics App Should Have

Basically, features are categorized into three panel. For example, the first panel will have customer-centric features; second for drivers and the third will be admin panel. Customers and drivers’ panels are very important, and you need to do proper research and then make your personalized list of features which you want to have in your logistics applications. Here are some of the standard features for each panel. Some of them are must-have features, though you can customize the features as per your usability.

Features for Customer Panel

Customer panel will have all the essential features which customer will need to get the services while it also has the features through which the admin can create better coordination. Let’s take a look at some of the common features for customer panel.

Registration Interface

Users need to go through an authentication process to get the services of the app

Vehicles Choice

Users can select their desired vehicle from the range of options available

Manage Booking

Users and book/cancel vehicle and choose the flexible data and time as per requirement


Users will get notification regarding shipment whereabouts along with other information


Users and make payment Integrating Payment Getaways in the logistics application

Rating & Performance

Users can rate your services, and it is very important for vendors, helping them short-time to market

Track Shipment

Users can track shipment anytime they wish to and know when they can expect the goods to be delivered

Get quote

That’s very important features as users would want to get a quote first before they book the vehicles

Driver Panel

Driver panel will all required features which the driver with the vehicle will need in during and post-shipment.

Manage Request

The feature is useful for drivers to manage the shipment request received from admin and customers

Shipper Detail Section

Drivers will be given all shipping details, including the destination address, customers’ names, etc.

Freight Details

Things like fare, total goods’ weight and much more can be explored here in this section

Route Navigation

GPS integration will help drivers find a shorter way to reach the destination, avoiding traffic, etc.

Bill Approvals

Drivers will keep all the bills and other expenses which he did during the consignment delivery to get it approved from the admin side.


Drivers can accept payment using the application’s in-app payment system and payment getaways.

Features of Admin Panel

Admin panel will also have some customized features based on the business type. Here are some of the common pre-integrated features for admin.


Admin will create a broad panel which will have all information regarding drivers and customers.

Driver Monitoring

Admin can track drivers’ whereabouts and guide them if needed

Manage Shipment and Tariff

If required, the admin can manage the additional expenses occurred during the shipment

Billing and Invoice

Admin will have the right to approve and disapprove the invoices and payment generated by users as well as drivers


Admin can send a personalized notification containing shipments and delivery status

Fleet Management

Admin will real-time status report of vehicles whereabouts and manage single headedly

Additional Features

There can be some extra and common features which can be for all customers, drivers and admin. Take a look here;


This is the common features for all, and they can chat directly to all participants when needed

Multi-language support

Users can interact with the application using the language which they are comfortable in

Similarly, there can be various features which can be integrated into the app, based on usability.

Benefits of Logistics Mobile App for Your Business

Logistics mobile application has a significant impact on the retail industry as you get everything managed using the simple mobile device. Find out the top noted benefits of logistics app for your enterprise.

Know Your Vehicles Whereabouts

Just a tap and you know precisely where the driver is with your vehicles. The GPS integration in your logistics app enables your track down the whereabouts of the vehicle instantly and guide the driver to deliver the goods on time at the right destination.

Manage Fleet

You must know every single detail of your fleet before accepting any order. Using the app, you can easily manage the fleet and enhance productivity. Fleet management application brings real-time vehicles reports and their routing.

Manage Booking Online

Business witnesses paradigm shift from office to desktop, and now it is your mobile devices which can let you manage the business operation on the go. You can approve/disapprove booking right from your device as you will have all the details of your cargo in hand.

No More Paperwork

It’s time to say ‘Hi’ to greenery by saying goodbye to the paperwork in the office as you can manage everything right booking and payment right from your logistics mobile application. Get a customized Logistic Mobile Application today and shift your office work in your mobile device.

Real-Time Information for All Logistics Operation

Whether you want to glance through cargo, driver status, shipment delivery status or whatsoever, you have everything right in your hand with real-time reports. Get all necessary information in a single tap by enabling the features and functionalities.

Cost to Develop Logistics Mobile Applications

As usual, no one can tell you the exact cost of developing the logistics mobile application, and it entirely depends on the features, functionalities and complexities of the app. You need to get consultations to find the right estimation. However, we can help you figure out the cost you are supposed to invest in developing the logistics applications.

Selection of Platform

Whether you want o development logistic mobile application on native platform or hybrid, will impact on its costing. For example, if you choose Native platform, then you have to build a separate application for each platform. For instance, you need to hire separate developers for both Android and iOS platform.

At the same time, developing a separate application or both platforms will take more time and development cost as compared to a hybrid one. However, the native application can be efficient and useful in the long run.

If you want to spend less and get a single application for cross-platform, then going hybrid app development is the way to go. Hybrid app development is useful as you can get logistics applications for both platforms at the cost of one.

Selection Outsourcing Country

Prices differ from one country to another. For example, if you are outsourcing your project to the USA, UK, Canada, or other European countries, then you are supposed to invest more than $160 /hour while for the same project, you can hire logistics app developers from Asian countries like India at $15 to $50 /hour. That’s a huge gap.

The Development Company You Choose

Selection of mobile app development company also impacts on the pricing. If you go behind popular companies, then you are supposed to spend some good bucks behind it. You need to go through some researches and find a good company which offer quality work at the cost-effective rate -it’s not always a famous development company.

In short, you can get your application developed at a much cheaper cost when you spend some time searching for good companies with experienced developers.

Final Words

Logistics App Development industry is gaining momentum, and in such scenario shifting from office or desktop to mobile application can help you beat the competition, the industry is facing. The logistics mobile application is beneficial and can help you manage everything will ease. Just find a good mobile app development company and get your project developed for your business.



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