Things to Consider while Hiring App Developers in India

Are you interested in developing an application for your company? The first question you’ll face is how to hire an app developer? This is the age of smartphones. Mobile apps have become an integral part of almost every industry.

To achieve your apprequirements, you will require the services of an app developer. You can create your app if you are a technical firm. However, if you aren’t, it’s generally best to leave it to professional app developers.In India, the demand for online and mobile app development businesses is continuously rising.

Application development in India is considered to be inexpensive. It costs $26 per hour for Android Development. Compared to the European and American App development, where android app development costs $168 per hour in the most expensive region of the United States.

Source: Statista 2021

But it isn’t as simple as it appears. While hiring an app developer, there are a few things to bear in mind. This article will assist you by providing answers to thequestions you are most likely curious about.

Pre-requisitesto hire an app developer

Before you start looking for app developers, let’s look at a few things you need to keep in mind beforefinding app developers.

Application Requirement

A summary of your application is a highly crucial document. If possible, make it as simple to understand as feasible. Don’t go into too much detail. Simply make a list of the things you want to mention in your application as an outline. It will serve as an overview of your concept, as well as a guide for developers.

Key features

You should have a clear idea of the most crucial features you want in your app. If you have some more features that you think will be useful but aren’t needed, identify them as a secondary or additional priority. The developers don’t lose out on the core features and can add or remove secondary features based on their expertise.


Be clear on what your target audience prefers the most. Inquire about the technological stack used to construct mobile apps before selecting an app development company. To develop applications for any platform, the organization should use the most up-to-date technologies and agile development methodologies. Examine their tech stack as it pertains to the apps they’ve created and deployed.

Know your competitors and thought leaders

Surf the internet for your application idea. There are tons of applications available out in the wild. You may think that your idea of the application is unique, but if you search thoroughly, you will find that few apps will match your basic idea in one way or another. The first thing that you need to do is to select the niche of the application. Then search for an application having similar features or functionality as yours. Most importantly, search in the play store for relevant keywords. This way, you can get a list of standard features and features to add to your application.

Know your target market

While crafting any application, it’s essential to keep in mind the target audience. While creating an application, it’s always recommended to consider the preferences of the target audience, what should be the design preferences, What color scheme would attract, and much more.You can search your target audience using offline and online methods. In offline methods, you can take the help of a survey, personal interviews, email, or phone. You can mainly know your audience through feedbacks. While for online use open data for examing customer profiles. Find the forums, Q/A websites such as quora and Reddit to know about the points that users are talking about. While knowing your target audience, keep in mind the Sherrington 5W method. This is based on five simple questions.

  • What? (a type of product)
  • Who? (a type of consumer)
  • Why? (motivation to purchase)
  • When? (time of purchase)
  • Where? (place of purchase)

Where to Hire App Developers?

There are several possibilities for hiring your dedicatedapp developer. You might begin your search for finding an app developer by relying on personal recommendations and relationships. You may also look for them on social media sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, and even Reddit. You can also use web directories like Clutch, GoodFirms, and AppFutura to find app developers.

Let’s take a look at the methods you can use to approach skilled developers that could match your perspective.

Ask for References

The most accessible approach to locate a seasoned app developer quickly is to ask friends and coworkers for suggestions. You can save a lot of time by using this strategy instead of going through hundreds, if not thousands, of inadequate worker profiles.

Check B2B Websites

There are several websites like designing community like Behance and B2B community like Clutch and Good firms where you can find many candidates. But no matter whatever you choose, always be careful while hiring from B2B sites. Be cautious about Phishing websites. If possible, don’t make large down payments unless there is a return policy available.

How to hire app developers

Now that we have talked about approaching developers, let’s look at the options available for hiring an app developer.


In-house development entails allocating tasks to your team.

It’s a no-brainer and has long been the preferred method for a variety of reasons. An in-house team is a trusted employee who works for your organization. They’ll have a perfect understanding of your ideas and vision. There is now an alternative accessible if you have a team but need a specialist. In that situation, you can also hire an expert to join the team. It’s up to you whether you want to hire them on a project-by-project basis or hire them full-time.

Already have a team hire an expert.

If a team already exists, the productivity gaps can be filled by having a job interview, selecting the dedicateddeveloper for the job, and integrating him into the workplace with his coworkers. When it comes to small and medium businesses, hiring an in-house app developer is cost-effective.


Another option is hiring a freelance app developer. This method is gaining popularity today. With the various freelancing websites, any business owner can hire a certified app developer online. A significant advantage of this option is the contractual nature of the agreement, which means that the owner doesn’t have to pay for vacation days, social security, and other benefits. Being cheap, however, is also a downfall since many freelance app developers for hire out there are simply under-qualified for big jobs.


Outsourcing is no longer considered uncertain. It’s pretty standard now. Some companies can’t survive without outsourcing services for various problems. There are several directories available for outsourcing.Alibaba, GitHub, Google, and Skype are examples of successful corporations outsourcing projects to third-party organizations. To save time, several companies outsource smaller projects to other firms. For a specific task, some people require market talent.You can give it to the local business with experts working on it or look for the off-shore business.

Local business

One alternative is to hire app developers from a local firm, saving you a significant amount of time during the organizing process. In addition, you can communicate your ideas better and can have personal involvement in the project.

Off-shore business.

Another alternative is to tap into global talent. External vendors can also create dynamic and one-of-a-kind products for you. An external provider may be the best option if you’re creating an app or website for a global audience.

Checklist to hire a professional app developer

This section provides information regarding the characteristics you should look for while hiring an app developer. The characteristics include:

  • Task Security
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Availability of Resources and experts
  • Quality Product
  • Track of Illegal Issues
  • Project Tracking
  • Risk Management
  • Guaranteed Results
  • Time-saving
  • Project Timeline Management

Process of finding app developer: Key Criteria

Let’s talk about the process of hiring an app developer. First, it’s critical to define a few keystones before moving forward with a step-by-step procedure. Primarily, you should identify your project’s needs and, at the very least, have a basic understanding of the app development process. These considerations may assist you in establishing a preliminary budget for the implementation of your app concept.

Check their portfolios

The first thing you can do while hiring the app developer is to check their profile. Then, you can contact the service provider to share their portfolio and work sample for better insight into their work. Don’t hire designers fresh out of college. It’s a rare occurrence that newbies are incredibly skilled, but that’s not always true. You can understand a lot about their experience with their portfolio. Google Knowledge Graph can also help you. Just type out the developer’s name, and you can see the necessary information regarding such as reviews from various persons on the right side of the page. Take a look from a customer point of view, not the developer.


References can help you learn about the type of work a developer has done in the past. But also about the brands with which he has collaborated.As a result, you should always request that the mobile app developer give some references/links to his previous work.When hiring an app developer, previous client experience is quite significant, as long as the testimonials are genuine. Unfortunately, fake reviews are relatively easy to come by, so while testimonials are significant, they should review them with the other factors on this list.

Know your Team

Knowing the company’s track record is insufficient. Next, you must determine how many resources will be allocated to your product.Finally, you’ll need to interact with each team member to get a sense of how enthusiastic they are about working on your project. Not only does it gets you a general idea about the team, but it will also help you build a healthy relationship.

Checking Communication Gaps

The problem that you face while hiring any freelancer app developer from a different time zone is email, phone calls, zoom meetings are the only way to connect them.It is more complicated when different time zones are involved. Before hiring someone, make sure these problems do not hinder communication. It is always recommended to hire someone from your side of the world and agree on a specific time they available. Keep the communication transparent. Don’t hire someone who is keeping some secrets.

Agreements & Payment

Discuss the hourly rates required to hire app developers, how clients are billed for services, and the flexibility of the payment process and ways of payment. The fairest payment structure is Time & Material, where a client is invoiced based on actual hours spent on a project with preliminary good-faith project estimates. Also, discuss the NDA conditions. Reputed companies willingly sign the NDA to keep the information private.

Availability and Flexibility

Have you ever noticed that when customers hire freelancers or outsourceprojects, they demand that the contractor they employ available in their time zone? There’s an explanation for this. Time zone differences can hamper communication and delivery. If you don’t need the project completed quickly, the time difference may not be an issue. However, if you need the finished product immediately, you should outsource to a vendor in your time zone.

Appropriate Timeline

Before handing over the project, make sure the hired person will deliver at the said time. Find the developer that matches your preferences. Always have some approx idea about the time spent on your application. Finally, be involved in your application so that you can know the progress of the project.


Cost-effective and adaptable application development is possible. Always remember to set a budget for your application. Any form of application, such as e-commerce or gaming, could be used. Hired developers should be able to meet your needs while staying within your budget. Continue to the following section to have a thorough knowledge of cost.

How much does it Cost to Hire App Developer

Whether you want to build an app from scratch, upgrade your app, you need a skilled developer to complete your project with perfection. The cost for hiring an app developer depends upon various variables few of them are as follows:

  • How much is your budget
  • How much they charge you
  • Chosen Platform
  • Complexity of project
  • Experience of Developer
  • Region of Developer

Let’s take a look at the hourly rate of app developers

Type of Mobile App Developer: Basic / Intermediate iOS Developer


  • Develop mobile applications (iOS: Swift)
  • Develop test specs and approaches for the application
  • Investigate and resolve performance issues, bottlenecks, and inefficiencies
  • Code reviewing and grow junior developer
  • Help contribute and create best practices for the team
  • Continuously discover, evaluate, and implement new technologies to maximize development efficiency
  • Write clean, maintainable code while rapidly iterating and shipping

Average Hourly Rate: $45–75+

Type of Mobile App Developer: Basic / Intermediate Andriod Developer


  • Design a modular and maintainable App structure with the best-known design pattern
  • Implement high-quality Java / Kotlin code and UI layouts.
  • Regular code reviews. Refactor the code if required.
  • Discover the latest technology trends, frameworks, design patterns to keep the App code up to the mark.
  • Should know XML and JSON a requirement
  • Should have Knowledge of SQL Lite and a working experience in SQL databases

Average Hourly Rate: $35–60+

Type of Mobile App Developer: Basic / Intermediate React Native Developer


  • Should know JavaScript, React Native, Redux.
  • Should be able to perform optimization, apply mobile-specific features.
  • Able to integrate with external services, data storing, and offline cache logic.
  • Should be able to sign and deploy applications.
  • React Native Structure Life Cycle Knowledge
  • Knowledge of Android and iOS applications is required.
  • HTML and CSS design skills are required.
  • JavaScript and its intricacies, particularly ES6+ syntax, are well-understood.
  • Ability to maintain coding and commenting standards while writing well-documented, clean JavaScript code.
  • Working with third-party dependencies and debugging dependency problems is a breeze.
  • Knowledge of native build technologies such as XCode and Gradle.
  • REST APIs, the document request paradigm, and offline storage are all concepts that must grasp.
  • It will be advantageous if you have prior experience with automated testing suites.

Average Hourly Rate: $61- 80+

Type of Mobile App Developer: Flutter


  • Must have prior expertise with the Flutter platform and be familiar with mobile app architectures, trends, standards, and best practices.
  • Grasp of what constitutes effective user interface and user experience
  • logical abilities
  • Should be able to create prototypes from AdobeXD and Sketch mockups.
  • Write code that is easy to understand and maintain.
  • Should use JSON and XML to work with online services (HTTP, REST, SOAP).
  • Working with third-party libraries and APIs, such as Firebase, is a must.
  • Should be able to optimize the performance and memory consumption of applications.
  • Working knowledge and awareness of the overall mobile landscape, architectures, trends, emerging technologies, standards, and best practices are required.

Average Hourly Rate: $50- 80+

We have covered the types of developers along with their average hourly price range. Now lets a look at the type of applications and their charges.

Source: GoodFirms

7 Common Mistakes Made While Hiring an App Developer

Selecting Cheaper Options

Price matters, butthe quality is a priority. Experienced and skilled developers cannot charge $5. It’s possible that ghost developers can also be behind the low-priced service.

Just considering price

This doesn’t mean that you should proceed with the most expensive option either. It’s not guaranteed that an expensive developer will create a classy application.

Just considering Experience

It’s preferable to find anapp developer with experience withsimilar software and well-versed in the industry. It aids in a better grasp of commercial elements and provides a thorough awareness of technical requirements. However, keep in mind that an experienced developer won’t match your requirements every time. Therefore, do extensive research on the developer you wish to hire.

Incomplete Application

If possible, cross-check whether the person you want to hire has worked on the app published in the market. You can do that by downloading the said application and testing for all the features that are supposed to be included.

Starting without project evaluation

It is essential to complete the information-gathering phase of the app development. The developer should understand the whole idea of the application before finalizing the concept and features. If this phase is not given the importance it deserves, the coding part will be a mess, and the project budget.

Not Establishing Project Timeline and Budget

Before hiring an app developer, ask for an estimate once you’ve reviewed the project concept, established the functionality, and covered all critical project specifics. Then, in the form of a project proposal, professional teams present an estimate and the subsequent development phases. Please keep in mind that accurate estimations take time to develop.

Not having a long-term perspective.

It is equally critical to plan for the long term. Consider how the app developer can assist you with project scalability, future product versions, maintenance, bug patches, and troubleshooting in the future.

Inefficient Communication

When it comes to communication, there are various factors to consider. First, you should look into whether there is a language barrier between the hired developer and the company, as this might cause many problems. Due to the multiple timezones, being present on communication technologies such as Skype conversations, Zoom meetings, and telephonic meetings should not be an issue. Always consider how feasible it will be to collaborate with a team from diverse cultures and time zones. They may present information in different ways and communicate in different ways.

Agreements & NDA

The most sensitive topic when choosing an app developer is confidentiality and security. It is necessary to protect the secrecy of your application, regardless of how well-known the app developer is. It can be accomplished by signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) between the company and the developer, ensuring that no information about your app is leaked.

Wrapping Up

Mobile Apps have become crucial for every business. Finding the app developer these days is no issue, but finding the developer that suits your business preference is difficult. But you are working on the budget, and it’s essential to get it right the first time. It is recommended to give sufficient time and thought before getting on any final decision. Hope these points will help you choose the app developer according to your preferences.



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