Top App Ideas for Business Start-Up in 2021

Why are Apps a Profitable Venture in 2021?

Top App Ideas that May Yield a Positive Result this Year

On-Demand Apps

Some app ideas:

  • Food-delivery Apps
  • Clothes and Accessories delivery Apps
  • Book-delivery Apps
  • Masks & Sanitary items delivery Apps

Entertainment Apps

Some app ideas:

  • Local Film Screening App
  • Simple Gaming App
  • Old Movies Screening App
  • Puzzle Solving App
  • Photo Editing App with filters
  • Short Video, Lip-Syncing App
  • Online Music App
  • Streaming Video App

Health & Fitness Tracker

Some app ideas:

  • Diet Plan Development App
  • Sanitation Reminder Clock
  • Regular Health Check-up App
  • Corona Case Tracker in your area
  • Running Tracker App
  • Yoga & Meditation App
  • Exercise App

Educational Apps

Some app ideas:

  • Personalized Lesson Videos
  • Homework Allotment
  • Audio Lessons
  • A video app that works even when the internet is not stable
  • Study Planner

Productivity Tracker

Some app ideas:

  • Daily Tasks completion list
  • Rewarding App that can help you avail offers when you reach a certain level
  • Closing Timer for your phone, an app that will not let you use your phone for a particular period of time entered by you

Apps for Mental Health

Some app ideas:

  • Simple Art Therapy
  • Color by number
  • Apps that help you sleep
  • Apps that help you control your breath while experiencing anxiety


Q. How long does it take to develop an app?

Q. What is the ideal size of an app?

Q. Should I keep my app free or paid? Or somewhere in between?

Q. What platforms should I choose? iOS or Android?

Q. What is the average cost associated with publishing your app on the App Store/Play Store?




Full Stack Developer | Angular | React | RoR | CEO @ Aglowid IT Solution | For Projects: | Skype: aglowid |

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Ronak Patel

Ronak Patel

Full Stack Developer | Angular | React | RoR | CEO @ Aglowid IT Solution | For Projects: | Skype: aglowid |

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