Top Features of Laravel PHP Framework

Top Features of Laravel PHP Framework

1. MVC Architecture Support:

Laravel support MVC architecture pattern, which ensures separates business logic & presentation layers. The MVC architecture support helps in improving the performance, where you can make better documentation, & has multiple built-in functions.

2. Template Engine:

Laravel framework is highly acknowledged for its built-in lightweight templates which can be used to create beautiful layouts using dynamic content seeding.

3. Eloquent Object Relational Mapping (ORM):

Laravel provides you with an Eloquent object-relational mapping which includes a Simple PHP Active Record implementation. An ORM is relatively faster than all other PHP frameworks.

4. Security:

Laravel framework provides a solid web app security. It keeps your database safe by using hashed & salted password mechanism so the password would never be saved as plain text in the database.

5. Artisan:

Laravel framework provides you with a built-in command-line tool called Artisan, which helps you automate the several tedious, repetitive programming tasks. Artisan even allows developers to create their commands and do useful things with it.

6. Libraries & Modular:

Laravel comes with Object-Oriented libraries including many other pre-installed libraries. These pre-installed libraries are not found in any other PHP framework.

7. Monolog Logging Library

Laravel is one of the best platforms for error handling because it is integrated with the Monolog Logging library and also provides support to several strong log handlers.

8. Tool Integration

Speed of a web application is one of the most important things that influence user experience, conversion rate including SEO because many times, certain features & functions affect the site performance.

9. Database Migration System:

Laravel migration system helps to expand the structure of the database of the web application without re-creating every time developers make a change, and the risk of data loss is also very less.

10. Unit-Testing:

Laravel is the preferred framework for web app developers due to its excellent way of unit testing. Laravel is capable enough to run multiple unit tests to ensure the new modifications done by the developer do not suddenly break the web apps.

11. URL Routing Configuration

Laravel offers a very expressive & simple method of defining routes as the basic Laravel routes accept a closure & a URI specified in the app/Http/routes.php file. It will provide you with the flexibility to choose which route is triggered on the app.

Wrapping Up:

Hopefully, by now, you have got much more idea about Laravel framework features and which will be beneficial for your business because all the features mentioned above make PHP Laravel framework an excellent and highly preferred framework.



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