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Latest JavaScript frameworks

The latest JavaScript frameworks which you can use for your business project are:


It is one of the most powerful JavaScript frameworks that are open source in nature. This efficient framework is operated by Google and is mostly used by the developers to build Single Page Applications. In order to perform data binding, it extends the HTML into the app and interprets its attributes.


React framework was created by Facebook. This JavaScript framework became popular in the market in a very short period of time. React is mostly used to create dynamic User Interface of web pages as well as operate it. Here it is very easy to have integration of virtual DOM in the application as it makes use of the same.


Vue.js is one of the recently developed JavaScript frameworks which rose to fame in just a few years of time. Since its launch in 2016, it has managed to prove its worth by developing many features. It helps the developers with building Single Page Applications and here offers an amazing feature of dual integration mode. If you want to develop cross-platform solutions, it can be considered as a reliable platform.


It was in 2015 that Ember.js got introduced into the software market and since then it has managed to get the attention of the developers and businesses through its wide applications. When it comes to handling complex User Interfaces, Ember.js is considered a reliable option because it offers support for two-way data binding. Some of the popular websites which have been developed using Ember.js are Nordstrom, Netflix, LinkedIn, and others.


Meteor is said to cover a major part involved in software development. Some of the main areas where the Meteor framework is used are backend development, business logic, management of the database and rendering the frontend of the website.


Mithril is a JavaScript framework which is mainly focused on developing Single Page Applications. It is a client-side framework. As here the functions are coming from a base class, the framework implementation is much easier here. It is fast, small and offers routing and XHR utilities. It comes with some features which are similar to that of React.


Node.js is an open source server-side JavaScript runtime environment used for developing applications on cross-platforms. The framework can work with event-driven architecture and is capable of driving asynchronous I/O. It shows properties which are similar to Java, like packages, threading, loop formations, etc. as it works on JavaScript Runtime environment.


Polymer is a JavaScript library which is open source in nature and comes from internet giant Google. It is capable to develop elements for the website without getting to the complex area. With Polymer it is possible to widen the areas of your application as it supports both one-way and two-way data binding.


Aurelia is a JavaScript framework which has been added latest to the list and is used for the implementation of an interface. If you want to develop far more robust websites then you should definitely make use of this next generation framework. For various purposes like data binding, the framework of Aurelia can extend the HTML. Its modern architecture makes sure that the interpretation can be done for both server-side and client-side at a time.


Backbone.js is one of the popular JavaScript frameworks available in the market. It can be used by developers to carry out the development of Single Page Applications. This JavaScript framework is quite easy to understand and grasp. The main idea behind coming up with this framework is to let the server-side functions to move through an API. This will let the developers complete complex coding by writing fewer amounts of codes.

Rise and fall of different frameworks

If you have closely monitored different JavaScript frameworks and libraries then you would have realized for sure that every time a new one popped up and claimed to be the best one in terms of their previous solutions.

AngularJS to Angular 8

Even for beginners who are trying to build up a profession in web development, Angular will not seem to be a new term. This frontend web framework JavaScript is open source and was created by Google in 2010. The challenges that developers face with single page application can be resolved using Angular JS development services.

  • Ivy has been the most awaited feature of Angular which developers and users have been waiting since it was announced during the release of Angular v6. It’s a new render engine and Angular compiler, which is capable enough to produce smaller bundles and simplifies incremental compiling.
  • Differential Loading is all new process which the browser, based on its capabilities, chooses between modern and legacy JavaScript. It frees developers to determine the browsers’ compatibility.
  • Lazy Loading has been the part of Angular since the very beginning. Now the route configuration uses dynamic imports and that is done using loadChildren key in the route configuration.
  • Angular Version 8 supports 3.4 now as it was previously supported TS 3.1.
  • he Service Worker has also received updates which enables you to specify when the registration should take place while in the previous version (such as Angular v7 or older), it used to wait for the service worker to be stable to get register and avoid the slow start.

ReactJS to take up the leadership

It has been seen that Reactjs Development is reigning the leadership of JavaScript tools for the last three years and there is no way it is giving away its position anytime now. If we talk about JavaScript frameworks in 2019, there is change expected to happen in this area. No doubt the popularity of Vue.js has increased profoundly; React is still remains to be the popular choice for Javascript developers when it comes to web development.

The rise of Vue.js

Even though Vue.js is a new technology, its popularity has managed to increase by each passing day. It has already gained the trust of Alibaba and GitLab. It was in 2014 that Evan You, a former software developer at Google created Vue.js. He was in charge of creative experiments and UI/UX prototypes. After that, based on his knowledge on web development, he came up with a framework which is lightweight and had the idem capability.


The popularity of Node.js development has clearly increased with each passing year and this can be seen in the number of increased download of this open source software. This means the increased implementation of JavaScript code outside of a browser. Node.js is built on V8 Engine the JavaScript Engine of Google’s Chrome. When we look into modern web apps on the server-side, there are no competitors for Node.js among developers who are planning to work on JavaScript.



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