Ultimate Guide on How to hire Flutter developer

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Ultimate Guide on How to hire Flutter developer

Flutter app development is becoming more popular by the day. Unfortunately, because the SDK is new and sophisticated, it isn’t easy to find Flutter developers who know how to use it. However, they are in high demand because they offer exceptional cross-platform app development opportunities.

As we all know, designing cross-platform apps is becoming increasingly important. It enables enterprises to extend their user base at a very low cost. Flutter is an open-source development kit that aids in the building of cross-platform applications that are stable, efficient, and dependable.

So, how can you find flutter devs to work for you? Hiring someone that matches all of your requirements is not as simple as it may appear. This post will provide you with all the answers in the most efficient manner possible. Let’s begin by identifying the qualities considered when selecting a flutter developer.

Pre-Requisite for hiring best Flutter developer

It would be best to keep in mind the following while hiring a flutter developer.

Website requirement

It’s critical to know exactly what you need in your website before hiring a Flutter developer. Make a vision paper that explains how you want your website to function and which features you want to add. Make it as straightforward as possible. It will be a sketch of your concept that will aid the developer in comprehending your needs. You can make a list of the prerequisites for your website. As an example,

  • Number pages you want (Homepage, About page, Contact page)
  • Website Storage
  • Tools you want to include (maps, sitemap)
  • Integration with social media
  • Customer support
  • Blog

Key Features

It would be beneficial if you had a good understanding of the important aspects of your website. What will set your website apart from the competition? Once you’ve found it out, you may include it as a primary criterion in your website. Add other characteristics as secondary in the list if you believe they will complement the essential feature. The following are some features that any website should have.

  • Easy Navigation
  • Description of Services
  • Trendy Design
  • Responsive Website
  • Testimonials and Reviews
  • Social Media Links
  • About Us Page
  • Blog

Know your competitors

It’s critical to understand the niche you’re about to enter before diving into getting your website up and running. The more information you have on them, the better your business plan. It will also assist you in making your items and services stand out to the target audience. Below is a list of places to learn more about your competition.

  • Local business
  • The local chamber of commerce
  • Advertisements
  • Press reports
  • Surveys
  • Internet Search
  • Flyers and Broachers
  • Trade Fairs

What should you know about your competitors?

  • Product or service they provide
  • How they market their products
  • The platforms they use
  • The prices they charge
  • Who owns the business and what type of person they are
  • Their strength and weaknesses

Know Your Target Audience

It’s critical to understand who your target audience is. Conducting surveys, asking them to fill out questionnaires, and using online forums like Reddit to learn what people expect from the product and what modifications they want will help you better understand your target demographic.

Flutter App Developer: Roles & Responsibilities

The flutter developers are divided into three major categories according to their experience.

Junior Flutter Developer

Experience: 0–1 year

Because these engineers are still learning, they stick to a single programming language and set of tools, and their knowledge is limited. As a result, they may require some time training and mentoring from seniors to fill up their knowledge gaps, and they will work at a slower pace. In addition, more time will be spent learning the logic and architecture of the framework.

Mid-Level/Senior Developer

Experience: 2–5+ Year

Senior developers have the skills and knowledge to customize business logic to meet their specific requirements. Budget, corporate goals, and the capacity to choose the best tech stack and produce products as needed are all factors they consider. As a result, they don’t require much help, training, or mentoring to begin or complete a project. Hire flutter developers to help you handle technical problems and find the best solutions for your project.

The question now is who you should hire as a developer. The following are some tasks that every flutter developer, regardless of experience, should have.

  • Designing and developing a Flutter application
  • Writing clean and clear code
  • Being a continuous part of the development lifecycle
  • Fixing bugs
  • Knowledge of the latest technologies to build apps faster
  • Following new trends

Which Developer Do You Need?

Now that we’ve learned about Flutter developers’ duties and responsibilities let’s look at which developers would be best for your company’s needs.


The best option is to hire a dedicated Flutter developer from the local market. You receive experienced and competent Flutter developers when you hire a Flutter developer locally. You may look via multiple employment portals, evaluate candidates, call them in for an interview, and hire the most promising candidate for a Flutter role if they meet your requirements. You choose to employ a candidate on a contract basis (for a certain project only) or a long-term basis when recruiting them.

Flutter developer hourly rates average $56.41 per hour. These fees can vary significantly depending on various things such as skill level, experience, and other credentials.


  • If you have to deal with an already existing app, an in-house team is recommended for further improvements.
  • Project quality will be enhanced.
  • Can customize the whole development process with all requirements
  • Easy coordination between design, development, and QA
  • Cultural- Fit


  • Highly Expensive
  • Time-Consuming
  • Timely payment required
  • Overhead on IT resources

Platforms to hire in-house developers

  • LinkedIn
  • Glassdoor
  • Dice
  • Indeed


It would be more cost-effective to outsource the project to another team. It achieves the desired outcomes since you will work with a dedicated team of developers who will duplicate the output quality of an in-house team but at a cheaper cost.

Because your expertise and feedback are valuable to the organization, they will not risk losing more potential clients by delivering your assignment on time. Your decision to hire a flutter developer or a flutter development team must be based on your needs. However, employing an in-house team for a startup will be expensive, but they will need professional-grade code to achieve their goals.

While hiring a freelancer may appear to be a fantastic idea, there’s no guarantee that you’ll obtain the code you require. Outsourcing the project is the most cost-effective approach to proceed, with uncompromising job quality.

Hourly rate Flutter developers in India can vary from $25–40/h+. The rates can vary widely depending upon various factors, including education, additional certificate, and experience.


  • Price-Based Expertise
  • Fast Scaling
  • Quick Time to market
  • Proven Talent
  • Flexible payment options


  • Inaccurate Communication
  • Needs good project manager
  • Lack of Transparency
  • Security Risk
  • Time-zone difference

Platforms to Hire outsourcing companies:

  • Clutch
  • GoodFirms
  • IT Firms
  • GlassDoor


Hiring a freelance developer will save you money on the front end. In addition, you may tap into the worldwide skill pool by hiring freelancers. For example, instead of paying $150 per hour to hire a developer, you can pay $50 per hour to join the team. Furthermore, you won’t have to create a contract or pay taxes for the employee, lowering IT costs. On the other hand, you may run into challenges with low quality, stretched deadlines, and communication issues due to different timezones if you hire freelancers.

Freelance Flutter developers might charge anywhere from $75 to $200 per hour. The costs might vary significantly depending on a variety of things such as education, additional certification, and experience.


  • Easier to Find
  • Cheaper to Engage
  • Flexibility
  • Expert in Domain
  • Access to the global talent


  • Lower Skills
  • Low Quality
  • Difficult maintenance support
  • May qualify but lack in expertise
  • Cultural differences

Platforms to find freelance developers:

  • Peopleperhour
  • Freelancer
  • Guru
  • Fiverr

Where/ How can you find the Flutter developer

You may recruit a flutter developer in various ways, but you’ll need to rely on personal recommendations at first. You can get a suggestion by asking around in your group. You can also look for developers using the methods listed below:


The most reliable method for hiring a flutter developer is to ask around your network for references or someone who has worked with one. This strategy can help you save a lot of time and money.

Social Media

You can search for profiles on social media sites like LinkedIn and Monster.com and choose the applicant who best fits your needs. This could be the most effective way to find a good Flutter developer.


B2B sites like GoodFirms, Upwork, and AppFutura are good places to start. When using B2B Platforms to hire, you can find a variety of applicants. Deceptive websites should be avoided at all costs. It’s best to avoid making large down payments unless there’s a return policy.

Skills To Look For While Hiring Flutter Developer

Some of the soft and technical talents you should look for when hiring a flutter developer are listed below.

Soft Skills Of Remote Flutter Developer

Problem Solving

Flutter developers working remotely must be prepared to deal with any challenges during the development process. In addition, they must be capable of objectively assessing all issues and resolving them quickly.


Your remote flutter developer must be comfortable working with many other specialties, including project managers, designers, and specialties.


Flutter engineers must have a creative eye, see things from a different viewpoint and provide novel, unusual solutions.

Communication Skills

Flutter developers may be working from home. Regular communication and teamwork, on the other hand, have been maintained. The programmer must come up with new ideas while keeping in touch with the rest of the team.

Key Technical Skills Of A Flutter Developer

  • Understanding of Computer Science
  • Knowledge of Git
  • A holistic approach towards SDLC
  • SQL Knowledge
  • Understanding for GoF patterns
  • Complete hold on Dart programming
  • Networking
  • Proficiency in Flutter Framework
  • Experience of Mobile app development languages: Kotlin and Java

Hourly rates of Flutter developers

The rates of Flutter developers vary around the globe. Generally, developers prefer to work on hourly rates. However, that can vary based on the factors below:

  1. Hiring Options
  2. Qualification
  3. Geographic Location

Below mentioned are approximate flutter development hourly rates.

Wrapping up

Flutter app development is regarded as one of the most effective ways to create applications. It provides a time-saving and cost-effective development solution. Always think about technical talents, previous experience of developers, location, and collaboration approaches. You can make the best selection by combining the most important factors. It will also use the most up-to-date methods to advance development. Hiring has always been a difficult task. It necessitates thorough investigation and meticulous planning. We hope you have found all of the information you require. As a result, you can engage a Flutter developer depending on the project’s requirements.



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