Top 10 Popular Taxi Booking Apps

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Ever imagined that booking a Cab would be as simple as pressing a tab on the mobile device. Never? But it happened when Uber entered the taxi industry and turned the taxi industry upside down. The impact of Uber was such that the taxi industry failed to compete against it, and soon many cabbies who had been driving Taxi on the streets for a span of time felt the heat by the entry of Uber as their business slowed down.






5)Easy Taxi




9)Le Cab


Before the launch of Uber a decade ago, getting a ride was not that easy, commuters had to wait in the extreme weather conditions to get a Taxi and many a times the cab used to arrive was filled with the passenger, so Uber founder realised the pain point and came with the idea of Cab Service Booking using mobile device and it became popular. Seeing the popularity, many other investors and entrepreneurs decided to jump the ship by developing Cab booking app similar to Uber. Majorly the features & benefits of all taxi booking apps are common. However, with some distinctive features, these apps succeed in making its brand identity in the taxi business.

Here are the Top 10 Popular Taxi Booking Apps

Top 10 Taxi Booking Apps


Uber App

Picture Credit: Tech Crunch

Founded in San Francisco in 2009. In 2010 Uber’s app was released, and in 2011 Uber app was available for users in San Francisco in 2011. Initially, the app allowed users only to book Uber black, which cost the users 1.5x more than the normal Cab fare. Did you know that Uber was known as UberCab initially before changing its name to Uber in 2011 after Cab drivers complained about the same? It was in 2012 that Uber introduced a cheaper option of Uber X, which allowed people to use their personal vehicles as a Uber ride which was subjected to passing background checks, vehicle registration, insurance.

Uber’s Global Market share amounts to 37.2%, according to Statisa. Uber App is available to download on IOS and Android. The major change which excited consumers to use was whenever a person booked his/her ride, he was able to ride in different cars every time compared to same taxi present in the fleet of Old Cab businesses. Uber is packed with different features like Cab Booking, Ride Scheduling, Adding Multiple Payment Options, Trip Sharing, Car Pooling, Adding stops in between.

Uber App features

2) Ola

Ola App

Ola Cabs is another popular Ride Sharing company founded in Bangalore, India, by ANI Technologies Pvt Ltd. OlaCabs acquired Bengaluru-based TaxiforSure for approximately $200 Million. Like Uber, OlaCabs also offers travel services from economy to luxurious travel.

OlaCabs app is available to download on IOS and Android. It comes with features like Ola Play, using which passenger can play their playlist or movie ,and enjoy their ride. Ola also offers Ola Select its premium membership program, which offers various benefits to its premium members like no wait time during rush hour, no peak pricing etc. Ola cabs with equipped with a free Wifi option. For Safety, OlaCabs has multiple safety options like a single click emergency alert button ,and a trip sharing option. OlaCabs can be booked even using laptops. It’s possible to hire Chauffeur with OlaCabs which are Air-conditioned cars for a night out with friends, weekend getaways and much more. OlaCabs allow user users to pay with Ola Credit, Ola Money, Debit or Credit Card instead of Cash. OlaCabs is now available not only in India but also in Australia, United Kingdom and New Zealand.

OlaCabs features

3) Lyft

Lyft App

Lyft was launched in the summer of 2012 by Logan Green and John Zimmer as a service of Zimride, which they founded a long time ago in 2007. the concept was pretty simple, ride sharing to travel at less cost. In August 2020, Lyft partnered with rental car company Sixt to allow users to rent a car using their Rental Car tabs in the app. Lyft’s US market share is 29%, as per Statista. Lyft app also has some top-notch features for Rider Safety, such as requesting emergency assistance, User’s Data Protection, Trip Sharing, Ride matching, etc.

4) Didi

Didi App

Didi formerly known as Didi Dache was founded by Cheng Wei, who worked in Alibaba’s Sales and Alipay divisions. The company is headquartered in Beijing. Didi offers ride-sharing services, private car-hailing services, on-demand delivery services, automobile sales and leasing services, fleet operation etc. According to Statista, Didi was a leading ride-hailing operator after Uber, with a market share of 32.4% in November 2019.

Didi App is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store for download. Didi App consists of features like International Debit/Credit card support, Bilingual address recognition, Auto-translating messages to English for Cabbies. 24/7 Customer Support in the English language. Didi is available in China, Australia, Japan, and in few countries of Latin America

Didi Features

5) Easy Taxi

Easy Taxi App

Easy Taxi was founded by Tallis Gomes and Daniel Cohen in 2011 in Brazil. According to one of the founders, Cohen, it was during one of the start-up events that he faced issues due to the inefficiency of taxi systems, and it forced him to find a solution which was Easy Taxi. Easy Taxi is available in 90 cities across Latin America and Europe, including other countries like Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Spain and Uruguay. Easy Taxi is now a Cabify app. It is available to download on IOS and Android.

Easy Taxi App comes equipped with features like Sharing Trip Status, Adding Multiple payment options, Getting to Destination using best route, Getting Quality Services etc.

Easy Taxi

6) Bolt

Bolt App

Bolt formerly known as Taxify was launched by Markus Villig in 2013 in Tallinn,Estonia with a vision to collaborate all Tallinn and Riga taxis into a common platform. The service soon expanded into International Shores in 2014.It expanded in London in 2017 by acquiring a Local Cab company with a license to operate, but it was forced to shut down in London by Transport for London Services. In 2019, Taxify re-launched as Bolt in London with 20,000 drivers on board. Bolt has since then expanded its services into food delivery by launching Bolt Food.

Bolt app is available for download in Android, IOS, Windows, and AppGallery for Huawei. Bolt is offering its services in more than 150+ cities in Europe.-Bolt Cities. One of Bolt Cab Company’s outstanding features is all of its rides in Europe are 100% carbon-neutral.



Grab Taxi App

Grab holdings, also known as Grab, was founded by students of Harvard Business School Anthony Tan and Tan Hooi Ling. Grab was formerly known as “My Texi” when it was founded in 2012, and it was headquartered in Malaysia in an attempt to make Taxi Rides safer in Malaysia. In 2014, The headquarter was shifted to Singapore.

Grab is available for download on IOS and Android.(Grab) Grab is available in Singapore, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. According to Statista, Grab had 2.8 million active drivers in 2019 in the Asia Pacific. Moreover, Grab became the first decacorn company in Southeast Asia to be valued at USD 10+ Billion. With Grab, the rider can order a private cab, Taxi with fixed fare and also food as well.


Gett Taxi App

Gett, previously known as Get Taxi, was founded by Israeli entrepreneurs Shahar Waiser and Roi More in November 2010. It was during his visit to the airport in Palo Alto in California, Waiser came up with an idea to develop an app that connects the customers to transportation, goods, and services. Waiser had to wait for 30 mins in 2009 at the airport, and that small idea became a popular company that operates in Israel, Russia, and United Kingdom. Gett app is available for download on Android and IOS.

Gett offers advanced ground travel with a quality experience with some advanced tools to stay on course.

Gett App Features

9)Le Cab

Le Cab App

Le Cab is A French Taxi Service company founded in 2012. Le Cab is available in 24 cities of France. It has 1 million users, 7000 corporate clients and more than 13,000 drivers. Le Cab app is available for download on Android/iOS.

Le Cab has a collection of 1000 Peugeot 508 Sedans which come equipped with Ipads. Le Cab has a fixed price, a ride guaranty of 7mins, 24/7 support, and well-trained staff.


BiTaski Cab App

BiTaksi was founded in 2013 Istanbul Turkey. BiTaksi has over 34,000 taxi drivers and more than 200,000 active users. BiTaksi is operating in Istanbul and Ankara

BiTaksi brought cashless payment service in Istanbul. Other features include ETA for arrival, Ride History and fare calculation between two destinations.

All the above-mentioned top Cab booking apps had few similar features and few distinct features that differentiated them from each other. Now, you might also have an idea in mind relating Ride-Sharing App, you will be like there is already so much competition; will it work? Firstly, after developing a feature-packed app, there are different ways to make money from the app. Here is How you Can Monetise your Taxi booking app in 2021? Secondly, if you have an app idea then you can sell your app idea?

But before that you have to evaluate that:

Is your App Idea unique?

Can your App solve a problem?

If answers are positive then you can go ahead and convert your app idea into an app to an extent and Sell Your App Idea.

If you have a taxi business, then definitely you should develop a taxi booking app. But how much does it cost? The Cost of Developing a Taxi Booking App is estimated based on different factors like the Requirement of the App, App development framework to be used, the Platform where app is to be released, the time frame for completing the app, and the resources that will be required. So what are you waiting for?



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